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The Pupil Inclusion Network is Scotland’s largest network supporting the voluntary sector and partners in work with learners who are vulnerable or excluded.


Is there a place for love in our professional relationships with children and young people?

Come join PINS network members to explore this key question. Along the way consider love and practice with care-experienced young people, love in early learning and care provision, love and the relationship between teachers and learners. Also then explore love as a human right, love on the school curriculum and indeed love as one of Scotland’s national outcomes. Please register for the event HERE

10 Thigs we Do to Make a Difference: First Minister’s Reading Challenge

‘I know that reading inspired me during my childhood. And I know what a love of reading led to in terms of opportunities in my life.’ Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister. Scottish Book Trust believe that reading has the power to change lives.
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25 Calls to change children’s lives for the better

Children in Scotland’s anniversary campaign brings together diverse voices to propose how children can experience greater equality and strengthened human rights. 
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What would you like to change in your local area?

Young people can apply to put their ideas into action and change places for the better – where they live, play, hang out or go to school.
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Teacher Tom says ‘Joy is our real compensation’

Children must be allowed to learn the way they were designed to learn, which is through play, through their self-selected pursuits, through their passions and through their joy.
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