Recognising and Realising Children's Rights

February 2014

Over the course of an inspiring and participatory day PINS delegates were led by Education Scotland facilitators Paul McWatt and Alison Fotheringham through the new Recognising and Realising Children’s Rights professional development resource. The purpose of the resource, as Paul and Alison described it, is to bring depth and fluency to how we work with rights in the learning environment.

We talked about needs, wants and rights. The challenge set for delegates was to talk about what children’s rights mean – and then to tweet a response. Those tweets looked like this:

  • Acknowledge the child of today, not the adult of tomorrow.
  • Everyone is born with rights.
  • Children should be treated equally with respect form the moment they arrive in the world.
  • Rights are for all children, here and everywhere, at all times of their lives.
  • All children, as human beings, have rights.
  • Rights are not age, culturally or geographically dependent.
  • Children’s rights are human rights that should be meaningful, individual and universal. They hold value in all contexts.
  • Making rights real means all children are respected and included.

What do others say rights mean?

The Oxford online dictionary says rights are ‘a moral or legal entitlement to have or do something’. The Scottish Human Rights Commission says that ‘Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms which everyone is entitled to. We are all entitled to human rights in order to live with dignity’.

While the fast-paced day addressed many things delegates found the tools for personal and agency self-evaluation particularly useful and something very practical to take back to their team. These reflective tools are available on the Recognising and Realising Children’s Rights web page HERE.

Delegates rated the day extremely highly. Download the pdf Delegate Evaluation HERE

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