What does inclusion mean in 2015: A focus on Equalities Groups and Digital Inclusion

November 2015

“… inclusive education is a set of values, principles and practices that seeks meaningful, effective, and quality education for all students, that does justice to the diversity of learning conditions and requirements not only of children with disabilities, but for all students. This goal can be achieved by different organizational means which respect the diversity of children”. UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

Our event explored the experience of children and young people who might experience inequality in our education system – LGBT learners, highly able pupils, children from service families, young carers and learners from Scotland’s travelling communities. We also extended PINS interest in digital inclusion. With inputs from Together on education as a human rights issue and trainer and consultant David Cameron prompting us to really reflect on what we mean by inclusion in 2015, we invited old and new PINS members to join the conversation in the room and via out biggest twitter reach yet!

Below you can download or view our series of PowerPoint presentations and additional links of interest.

Educational inclusion as a human rights issue

Find out more www.togetherscotland.org.uk/

Educational inclusion for Scotland’s travelling communities

Find out more www.step.education.ed.ac.uk
Twitter: @mobileandlearn

Educational inclusion for highly able pupils

Find out more www.ablepupils.com

Educational inclusion for young carers

Hear directly from Young Carers www.vimeo.com/136856567
Going Higher for Student Carers in Scotland www.carers.org/going-higher-scotland

Educational inclusion for children of service families

More about Royal Caledonian Education Trust www.rcet.org.uk/
Forces Kids: This is my Life DVD and resources www.rcet.org.uk/dvd-and-support-material.php

Educational inclusion for LGBT learners

‘Life in Scotland’ Education Report: HERE
Toolkit for Teachers: HERE 
Silence Helps Homophobia Film: www.youtu.be/XQKGigb5l28
LGBT Schools Charter Film: www.youtu.be/zToZ-vBOU0g

What does digital inclusion mean and how do we do it?

More about the Digital Learning Community for Scotland www.digilearn.scot
More about the consultation on the development of a Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy www.consult.scotland.gov.uk/learning-directorate/digital-learning?

So, what do we mean by inclusion in 2015? (David Cameron)

“…the move towards inclusion is not simply a technical or organisational change but also a movement with a clear philosophy. In order for inclusion to be implemented effectively, [there is a] need to define a set of inclusive principles together with practical ideas to guide the transition towards policies addressing inclusion in education. The principles of inclusion that are set out in various international declarations can be used as a foundation.” UNESCO: Guidelines for Inclusion: Ensuring Access to Education for All, 2005