Looked After Children and Young People in Education Seminar

November 2011

The experience of learning and educational outcomes for looked after children and young people: How are we doing? What now? Can we do better?

The experience of learning and educational outcomes for looked after children and young people remain a significant challenge in Scotland. This PINS seminar updated PINS members about policy and practice developments and identified both progress and the challenges that remain.
Download the PDF report HERE

You can download all the PowerPoint presentations used on the day here:

  • Presentation from Moray Paterson, Looked After Children Policy Manager, The Scottish Government
  • Presentation from Carol Kirk, Chair LACSIG Improving Learning Outcomes Hub and Director of Education Services at North Ayrshire
  • Presentation from Grant Gilroy, National Resources Manager Who Cares? Scotland
  • Presentation from David Woodier and Lorraine Togneri LAAC Teachers, Inclusion Support Base North Lanarkshire
  • Presentation from Andy Virasami, Development Officer ‘Strive’, Barnardo's Scotland
  • Presentation from Dr Graham Connelly, Research & Qualifying Courses’ Manager, Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (CELCIS)

View our seminar report here HERE

“I love the idea of corporate parents with sharp elbows! The message should always be – would you want this for your child?” Seminar delegate

“Too much is still left to the discretion of Local Authorities and individual schools to determine what approaches (pedagogic and value‐based) their staff will take. We need a clearer national lead and associated resources to promote and support CPD approaches and ways of working that have proven success.” Seminar delegate

“Will funding pressures on Local Authorities halt the modest progress that has been made in terms of carrying out the kinds of initiatives that can have positive results?” Seminar delegate

“Resources are important as is funding but it’s about creating a culture of understanding and care so that those involved in supporting looked after children and young people offer support and challenge to one another but also take personal responsibility for their part in the support package.” Seminar delegate