Raising Attainment for All

November 2014

Education is about where you are going, not where you are from. With this in mind, raising attainment for all means every part of our education system has a part to play. Yet we still have children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds whose attainment and achievement is not what it should be. This is not a new issue for Scotland. But until we finally address this and ensure that all children and young people get an equal chance at education we will not support our children and young people to fulfil their potential.

A new joint initiative (from Scottish Government, COSLA and Education Scotland) has been launched. Called Raising Attainment for All (RAFA) this new national drive will see a shared focus on making practical changes required to ensure that we raise attainment for all our children.

The PINS RAFA seminar introduced the RAFA programme with presentations from Scottish Government and practitioners using the model.

Bill Scott-Watson, Team Leader, Raising Attainment and Governance Unit, Learning Directorate, Scottish Government introduce RAFA: Bill Scott Watson PowerPoint

Graham Connelly, Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland, put a focus on a key group: Graham Connelly PowerPoint

Marie-Claire Stallard, Improvement Advisor, RAFA, Scottish Government introduced the Model for Improvement: Marie Claire Stallard PowerPoint

Anne Munro, Head teacher and Lesley Heffernan, Principal Teacher, Bellshill Academy talked about their use of the improvement methodology: Bellshill Academy PowerPoint

RAFA has launched initially in a number of schools across 12 Local Authorities. Improvement Advisors are in post and can be contacted for information about activity in these areas.

For more information, resources and support about Rising Attainment go to our PINS Raising Attainment for All theme page HERE