Scotland’s schools are constantly developing. Under the banner of Curriculum for Excellence the Government aims to ensure that wherever learning takes place it reflects and meets the needs of all pupils. This page will keep you informed of the latest policy and developments affecting your work with schools and learner settings.

NEW - Volatile Substance Abuse

Resources to support solvent abuse education. More HERE

What it feels like to lose 'golden time'

An MSP receives a letter from a 9 year old. More HERE

Healthy relationships and consent

A resource for professionals - new guidance to support young people learn about and navigate these key areas. More HERE

LGBT Inclusive Education Implementation Group

An action plan for the work has been published. More HERE

CLD plans 2018-2021

Local authorities work with their partners and communities to secure the delivery of CLD in their area. 3 year CLD plans are now being published. More HERE

Addressing inclusion and tackling racism

This resource by respect me and the Coalition for Racial Equality provides information and guidance to school staff on addressing racism. More HERE

National Digital learning Week 13th-17th May

Schools are invited to take part in 5 curriculum focused challenges in STEM, Social Studies, Expressive Arts, Literacy and Numeracy. More HERE

National Numeracy Day 15th May

The aim is for everyone to experience the benefits, joy and beauty of maths in exciting new ways. More HERE

PSE Review

The review of personal and social education (PSE) includes the role of guidance in schools and school counselling services and the effectiveness of the provision of the universal support entitlement for all. More HERE

#ChooseRespect campaign goes live

Discover what it means to #chooserespect this anti-bullying week and every week with a journey towards respect, inclusion and positive relationships. More HERE

LGBTI Inclusive Education Working Group: report to the Scottish Ministers

Recommendations for a new national framework to support consistent and effective delivery of LGBTI inclusive education. More HERE

SCQF have now launched their new site

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework helps learners to understand their qualifications and achievements and plan their learning and provides schools, Community Learning and partners with resources and training. More HERE

Milestones to support learners with complex additional support needs

Education Scotland has produced a set of milestones for literacy/English and numeracy/mathematics with guidance to support learners with complex additional support needs. More HERE

A new Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood curriculum for Scotland

Educators are being invited to sign up to be part of a curriculum design network for this new resource. More HERE

Teach all learners as if they have dyslexia

A head of learning support argues that there is a great deal we can learn from dyslexic teaching methods. More HERE

Language rich learning for all

When children start school unable to speak, read or write English the job of integrating pupils rests with the classroom teacher.  More HERE

Employment info for 13+

A guide aimed at young people between the age of 13 and school leaving age looking for employment. More HERE

I am a Mathematician

A new learning at home resource, designed to help parents and carers support their children’s learning. More HERE

Getting ready to read

Being able to read well is vital for a child’s prospects at school and in life, yet one in five children growing up in poverty in Scotland leaves primary school unable to read well. This report provides guidance on supporting early language development. Download pdf HERE

“School should be a joyful place” Learning and school life in Scotland

Children’s Parliament reflects on what children have been sharing about their experience of school and learning. More HERE

10 tips for launching an inquiry-based classroom

It takes time to build up a strong inquiry-based teaching practice, to learn how to direct student questions with other questions, and to get comfortable in a guiding role. More HERE

5 reasons why children should learn outside

Nature is a powerful resource – and that’s just reason 1. More HERE

Autism Toolbox 

The Autism Toolbox is a resource to support the inclusion of children and young people with autism spectrum disorder in mainstream education services in Scotland. As well as introducing and describing some of the more common challenges a pupil with autism might face, it provides real life case studies from Scottish schools and practical examples of support. More HERE

The Scottish Prison Service Learning and Skills Strategy

SPS have a strategic intention to ensure that everyone in their care has the opportunity to engage in creative and flexible learning that unlocks potential, inspires change and builds individual strength. More HERE

Young people’s views on their RSHP learning

Research has been carried out in the Lothians to find out young people’s views, the research makes an interesting read and the last page shows what young people think the ‘best’ RSHP lesson ever would look like. More HERE

Language Development and Enjoyment of Reading: Impacts of Early Parent-Child Activities

Report from Growing up in Scotland highlights that Girls are more likely to say that they like reading than boys, however although children from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to be read to frequently when they are younger, they are just as likely to enjoy reading when they are aged 8. More HERE

The contribution of youth work

The EU report considers the challenges young people are facing and how youth work supports the transition from education to employment. More HERE

Improving Schools in Scotland: An OECD Perspective

This review was commissioned by the Scottish Government to inform the ongoing development of education policy, practice and leadership in Scotland, by providing an independent review of the direction of the Curriculum for Excellence and emerging impacts seen in quality and equity in Scottish schooling. More HERE

Curriculum for Excellence Briefings

This is a series of briefings designed to provide practitioners with information and advice to support their implementation of Curriculum for Excellence. Each briefing has a particular focus.

CfE Briefing 15: Scots Language

CfE Briefing 16: Religious Observance

CfE Briefing 15: Sciences for All

CfE Briefing 14: Political Literacy

CfE Briefing 13: Individualised Educational Programmes (IEPs)

CfE Briefing 12: Further Learning, training and employment beyond 16

CfE Briefing 11: Through the Broad General Education

CfE Briefing 10: The role of CLD and partnership working

CfE Briefing 9: Learning about Scotland

CfE Briefing 6, 7 and 8: Progression from the Broad General Education to the Senior Phase

CfE Briefing 5: Personalised Learning

CfE Briefing 4: Interdisciplinary Learning

CfE Briefing 3: Profiling and the S3 Profile

CfE Briefing 2: Assessing Progress and Achievement in the 3 – 15 Broad General Education

CfE Briefing 1: Broad General Education in Secondary Schools

CfE Briefing: Broad General Education in the Secondary School – A guide for parents and carers

CfE Briefing: Question and answer on Broad General Education in the Secondary School

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