Looked After Children

The experience of learning and educational outcomes for looked after children and young people remain a significant challenge in Scotland. To understand the current context and to help us consider what has been learned and how far there is to go PINS explores this theme.

CELCIS Education Forum

The Education Forum provides a platform for practitioners involved with, or interested in, the education of looked after children. Next meeting October 25th. More HERE

Corporate Parenting: Turning legislation into practice together

The report explores what corporate parenting means, duties and responsibilities and what’s next for corporate parents. More HERE

Spark of Genius Caledonian School

Iain Cameron, Head Teacher discusses why children in care need more help at school in this 'Friends of the Scotsman' article. More HERE

Annual report on Corporate Parenting Plan

The Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA) has published its first ever annual report for young people, detailing the achievements in the first year of its Corporate Parenting Plan against six commitments. More HERE

Caring for Vulnerable Children - Massive Open Online Course

From 23rd October this free online course takes place over six weeks and you can access the materials as often as you want, at a time that suits you. Follow the journey of Billy, a 12-year-old boy and the risks and vulnerabilities in his life. With each weekly instalment, we show how Billy is impacted by his early childhood, his mum's mental health, and how the system supports a vulnerable child. More HERE

Independent Root and Branch Care Review - 'Listening to You' World Café

The Review Team want to know about the lived experience of people – these listening events are happening through September. More HERE

CELCIS REACH online magazine for Spring 2017

The latest Reach magazine puts a focus on education and the attainment of vulnerable children. More HERE

How we can improve the experience of being at school

Linda O’Neill blogs for CELCIS on the school experience of looked after children and young people. More HERE

Independent Care Review chair appointed and ‘discovery’ stage begins

The Review is charged with delivering real change for children and young people in care. More HERE

The Scottish Care Leavers Covenant

The Covenant calls on all corporate parents and others with an interest in the lives of our care leavers to work for real change and improve support opportunities and outcomes for care leavers. More HERE

Barnardos explores becoming a Family Firm

The Family Firm offers care leavers employment and positive destination opportunities. The idea is being brought alive by care experienced young people as action researchers. Download the pdf report HERE
View the Project film HERE

Getting Care Right for All Children: Online course

This first free online course looks at what the UN Guidelines “Implementing the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children” looks like in practice. Starting on 15 May, this interactive course runs for six weeks, you study in your own time, a maximum of 4 hours per week. More HERE

CELCIS Education conference

With a focus on improving literacy for looked after children and addressing the educational attainment gap. Tuesday 21 February, Glasgow. More HERE

Guidance on Aftercare

The new guidance aims to reinforce the legal and ethical responsibilities of local authorities towards looked after young people and care leavers so that personal support is improved. More HERE

Guidance on Continuing Care

The aim of Continuing Care is to provide young people with a more graduated transition out of care, reducing the risk of multiple simultaneous disruptions occurring in their lives while maintaining supportive relationships. More HERE

Scottish Government pledge to review the care system

Harry from Who Cares Scotland writes about what it means for the First Minister to have listened to care experienced people. More

Scottish Guardianship Service

In any given month, as many as 5 unaccompanied children under the age of 18 may arrive independently in Scotland and claim asylum. In many cases there are indicators that these children may have been trafficked. The Service works to help young asylum seekers to feel supported and empowered throughout their journey whilst their claim is assessed and their status determined. More HERE

Is it love?

When it comes to being ‘looked after’ Kenny McGhee suggests we remind ourselves of what really matters to children and young people. More HERE

Supporting Looked After children and young people in education

In a new guide and DVD, young people who are Looked After in Aberdeenshire give first-hand accounts of their experiences and advice on how staff and their peers can help them get the most out of school. More HERE

A Child's Journey to Permanence in Kinship Care

CELCIS event to share practice experiences in planning and providing services for children in kinship care. The day will focus on the implications of the new Children and Young People, supports for kinship carers and the children they care for, the financial implications for carers (and Local Authorities) and most importantly, sharing the knowledge of kinship practice across Scotland. November 1st Glasgow. More HERE

The attainment gap - a look behind the stats

With looked after children and young people in mind, Linda O’Neill reminds us that even excellent programmes need strong implementation. More HERE

Support for Kinship Care

National Guidance on Part 13 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 details the legal parameters of the kinship care order and describes kinship care assistance including information and advice and provision of financial support. More HERE

Education Outcomes for Looked After Children 2014/15

Information on the attainment, school attendance, exclusions and post-school destinations of looked after young people continues to show inequity but improvement. More HERE

Children and young people looked after at home

This issue of REACH focuses on children and young people looked after at home. Over half of all of our looked after children in Scotland are in one of these placements, and yet, services for children who are looked after at home can be often inconsistent, limited or patchy.  Download the pdf HERE

Latest statistics on looked after children in Scotland

15,404 children are looked after; 2,751 are on the child protection register (one-third of whom are looked after) and 84 young people live in secure care. Download the PDF HERE

Supporting corporate parents

CELCIS have published new corporate parenting resources to support those with responsibilities. More HERE

Getting it Right for Looked After Children and Young People Strategy

Scottish Government has published a strategy for Looked After Children and Young People which sets out what is expected of corporate parents. More HERE

Who Cares? Trust launch their new website - Propel

Aimed at young people in care who are thinking about their future, young care leavers, and the professionals and carers supporting them, the site intends to inspire more care-experienced young people across the UK to see what they could achieve in higher education. More HERE

Babble for young carers

Carers Trust social site for young carers to share their experiences and learn from each other. More HERE

The College Handbook for Looked After young people and Care Leavers

The Who Cares? Trust has created the College Handbook to give young people who are in or leaving care information about the support that is available at colleges in Scotland. Download pdf HERE

Who's There To Help?

Information for looked after children and professionals working with looked after children. More HERE

Working together to improve outcomes

This PDF advice leaflet for teachers and other professionals is concerned with the educational development of learners who are looked after. It provides responses to FAQs such as how do corporate parent responsibilities affect schools? and how can teachers help? Download pdf HERE

If you have examples of practice, innovative approaches, learning and experience to share please get in touch by emailing info@pinscotland.org