The family is the child’s primary carer, educator and role model. Of course no two families are the same; but some families may need additional levels of support.

The voluntary sector has long been able to build bridges between home and school; restoring and repairing relationships so that the needs of the child come into focus.

With this theme we try to provide you with the most relevant information to support your work. If you are involved in creative responses to work with parents and carers let us know, or if you know about resources, publications or other material which can support the work of others do get in touch.

Early Learning and Childcare is Changing

The entitlement to 1140 hours a year of Early Learning and Childcare explained. More HERE


Children 1st want to raise awareness of what Parentline offers 365 days a year. More HERE

Why does my child have trouble counting?

Counting seems so basic that many people don’t realise how much goes into it. More HERE

Empowering parents and carers

A guide to Scotland’s Empowered System, the importance of parents within this system and parents’ rights and responsibilities. More HERE

SDS parent survey

The aim of this survey is to explore your awareness and use of Skills Development Scotland services and how you engage with your child about careers. The survey will close at 5pm on 29th November 2019. More HERE

Curriculum for Excellence in a nutshell

Basics for parents and carers about what it is and how parents contribute. More HERE

Digital learning, digital life and digital work

Supporting parents learn about their child’s digital learning at school, online safety and careers. More HERE

Out of school care – parent survey results

This report details the views of parents/carers of five to 13 year old children in Scotland regarding out of school care, including term-time and holiday care. Findings relate to what is currently available and what barriers prevent access to out of school care. More HERE

10 tips to help your child follow directions

Children with learning and attention issues might have trouble following directions. These ideas will help. More HERE

What family friendly policies mean for children

A lengthy study from UNICEF argues children get a better start in life and parents are more able to find the right balance between work and private life in countries that have family-friendly policies. More HERE

I’m an engineer!

A learning resource for families to engage in STEM activities using the world around them. Download pdf doc HERE

Top 10 tips for teaching about digital citizenship in the home

Teacher Pamela Boal on how families play a critical role in helping students get the most out of mobile phones. More HERE

Anti-bullying behaviour health check

Parent Councils and parent groups can challenge bullying. More HERE

Pointers for Parents and Learners from National Parent Forum

A guide to learning and revising for National Qualifications in the Senior Phase of Curriculum for Excellence.  Download the pdf doc HERE

Keeping parents at the heart of their child’s learning

Joanna Murphy blogs for PINS. More HERE

Engaging parents and families: a toolkit for practitioners

This toolkit provides a practical resource to help support partnerships with parents and families in all aspects of their children’s learning. More HERE

New mental health and wellbeing service for parents

A range of supports will be available from One parent Families Scotland. More HERE

Play Scotland’s Parents and Families resources

Play is one of the best things a parent can do with their child, whatever their age or ability. Includes the Parents Play Pack. More HERE

Support for single parents entering education

Information from One Parent Families Scotland about the financial support available. More HERE

Engaging parents in school improvement planning

St. John Ogilvie Primary School explains how it engages with parents in the development of the School Improvement Plan. More HERE

Adolescent violence to parents and carers

An information booklet supports parents who experience violence. More HERE

Review of Learning at home

Learning at home can have significant immediate and longer term impacts on children in different ways. More HERE

“Speak to your school not your screen”

A guide from the National Parent Forum Social Media and your School Community aims to support parents and carers use social media in any engagement with school. More HERE

Share Aware

Holiday time means more time online. This resource supports parents and carers to support children be safe and share aware. More HERE

Internet safety support for parents

Information and support to start the conversation about internet safety. More HERE

The importance of learning at home

‘Learning at home’ is the learning which happens in the home, outdoors or in the community. More HERE

Your Parenting Plan

A guide to making a plan if parents live apart. More HERE

Free online courses to support Parent Councils

Scottish Parent Teacher Council offer popular online training to support Parent Councils. Including office bearer roles, social media, PVG checks and constitutions. More HERE

Let them be bored

What would happen if children were just left to be bored from time to time? How would it affect their development? More HERE

How Dad-Friendly is your school?

The East Lothian Father-Friendly Schools project shares learning and ideas. More HERE

Parent Club

Hints and tips from other parents and experts to support parents from pregnancy through the early years. More HERE

Baby Box

Babies born in Scotland will now receive their baby box with essentials for this first few months. More HERE

Good practice with fathers in children and family services

Father involvement is positive for child wellbeing and family functioning across the life of the child – but do workers in children and family services still tend to view mothers as the ones with the responsibility for children? More HERE

I am a Mathematician

A new learning at home resource, designed to help parents and carers support their children’s learning. More HERE

Father-child relationships and children's wellbeing

A new report explores the quality of father-child relationships as perceived by 10-year-old children. More HERE

A review of Family Learning

Evidence on Family Learning is explored, with a key message that Family Learning reaches disadvantaged families and communities to improve their life chances. Download the pdf doc HERE

Engaging Dads

Parents Voice asked about how schools or parent groups engage male parents and carers, how this could be improved and what benefits it could bring. More HERE

Helping children learn by involving all parents

Based on research and evidence, this guide sets out the reasons why a school’s parental involvement strategy should ensure parents, particularly non-resident parents, are encouraged and supported to become involved and engaged in their child’s education. It sets out the relevant legislation and highlights what local authorities and schools need to do. Download the pdf HERE

Dunfermline Breastfeeding Pioneer Project

The project is using improvement methodology to understand and support women to breastfeed. More HERE

Read, Write, Count

The new literacy and numeracy campaign is aimed at children in primary 1 to 3, their parents and families. Through Facebook, Twitter and the Read, Write, Count website parents and carers can now access a range of hints, tips and advice intended to help them support their child’s learning in the early years of primary school. More HERE

Parenting Across Scotland research

Parenting Across Scotland has produced Let’s Talk Teens: What parents of teenagers want to know about the teenage years. Download PDF HERE

The parents’ guide to additional support for learning

This parents’ guide from Enquire is a handy document to refer to as a child moves through the different stages of education. Enquire helpline also on 0845 123 2303. Download the pdf HERE

Bullying… A guide for parents and carers

This resource gives adults the practical skills and confidence to support children and young people, and deal with bullying behaviour whenever and wherever it happens. More HERE

The experience of mothers aged under 20

This publication from Growing Up in Scotland provides a current picture of the circumstances of young mothers and also explores how the circumstances and characteristics of mothers change as their child grows older. More HERE

They're Not Asking My Opinion

This Early Years Collaborative video tells the story of one Dad’s experiences. More HERE

Parenting across Scotland: dads section on website

Advice for dads on pregnancy, birth and fatherhood with websites, booklets and videos geared up for dads. There are also places to go for legal, money and benefits advice, relationship support, and top tips for staying mentally healthy. More HERE

Parent Council Resource: A guide to gathering views and ensuring parents’ voices are heard in your school

This Children in Scotland resource reflects on the important role Parent Councils’ play in representing all parents’ views, focusing on the important things to consider for any consultation. It provides guidance on different methods of consultation. More HERE

Jeannie Mackenzie, convener of the Scottish Network for Parental Involvement in Children’s Learning (SNIPCL)

Talks about how working with families can support pupils. Download Portable Document Format (PDF) HERE

Patricia Santelices, Project Manager at Growing Confidence

Talks about promoting emotional well-being for primary pupils, parents and carers and school staff. Download Portable Document Format (PDF) HERE

If you have examples of practice, innovative approaches, learning and experience to share please get in touch by emailing