School Exclusion

This theme explores the topic of learners who are excluded from their learning context.

PINS information booklets for parents and carers on school exclusion

Following the publication of Included, Engaged and Involved: A Positive Approach to Preventing and Managing School Exclusions the new PINS booklets are now available

  • I AM WORRIED MY CHILD MIGHT BE EXCLUDED FROM SCHOOL: This booklet explains what should happen if a child or young person is at risk of being excluded from school. Download PDF doc HERE
  • MY CHILD HAS BEEN EXCLUDED FROM SCHOOL: This leaflet explains what should happen when a child or young person is being, or has been, excluded from school. Download PDF doc HERE

Events for practitioners about Included Engaged and Involved and Respect for All

Scottish Government and Education Scotland invite practitioners to sessions on Included Engaged and Involved (exclusions guidance) and Respect for All (bullying guidance) happening in Edinburgh, Perth, Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Stirling and Aberdeen. Download the pdf doc HERE

Addressing inclusion: Effectively challenging homophobia, biphobia and transphobia

Practical advice on creating inclusive learning environments and responding to bullying. More HERE

Exclusion from school can lead to long-term mental-health problems

Excluding children from school can lead to long-term psychiatric problems and distress a large-scale new study has shown. The research also shows that poor mental health can lead to exclusion. More HERE

Guidance on school exclusion

A key interest for PINS members is school exclusion. Refreshed guidance on preventing and managing school exclusions have been published. PINS has been developing information for parents on the guidance, more to follow soon. More HERE

Teacher empathy reduces student exclusions

When teachers think empathically, and not punitively, about misbehaving students, they cultivate better relationships and help reduce discipline problems. Nore HERE

90% of young offenders had been excluded from school

Better bereavement services and fewer school exclusions could significantly cut the number of students ending up in prison. Sue Brookes, governor of Scotland’s only dedicated young offender institution (YOI), urged teachers and other education professionals to do more to support young people in crisis and prevent them from falling into crime. More HERE

Growing Up in Scotland: Family and school influences on children’s social and emotional well-being

The project explored possible influences on children’s behavioural and emotional difficulties, and on their subjective well-being. Download PDF HERE

Better Relationships, Better Learning, Better Behaviour

This leaflet outlines summaries the findings of the recent Behaviour in Scottish schools research and outlines new policy guidance in response. It identifies next steps and priority actions to support local authorities, establishments, practitioners and partners to further improve relationships and behaviour within their learning communities. More HERE

Scottish Parliament Justice Committee explores relationship between Exclusion and Offending

A number of witnesses have provided written evidence: PINS work on school exclusions was identified as useful to the on-going investigation by the Committee. You can view the discussion HERE

A guide for parents about school attendance

This is a comprehensive booklet for parents and carers which explains legal responsibilities regarding children’s attendance at school. It also explains the responsibilities which schools and local education authorities have in making sure children are happy, safe and doing their best at school. The booklet describes the support a child is entitled to if school attendance is a problem and lists a number of support agencies as well. Read the pdf HERE

Morag Steven, Director of Common Ground Mediation

Talks about additional support needs mediation between families, schools and other education services. Download Portable Document Format (PDF) HERE

Holly Milne, Development Manager of BusinessLab

Talks about supporting families to increase pupil attendance and reduce exclusion. Download Portable Document Format (PDF) HERE

Included, Engaged and Involved: Part 1 Attendance in Scottish Schools.

This document provides guidance on the management of attendance and absence in Scottish schools. Take me to this document HERE

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